Nano Boosting Night Cream

Perhaps, Rose

Roses have been entwined with notions of love and beauty for millennia. Back in the days the glamorous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, soaked herself in baths infused with rose petals to relax and nourish her body and skin. Until recently, this iconic flower is embraced as an ingredient specifically does beauty wonders on our skin.

Being holy ancient herb and the oily perfume once so coveted by kings and pharaohs, Rosa damascena so called “Damask Rose” is considered our selected plant to extract the potent ingredient. Damask said to have a long history with origins as far as Ancient Persia. Now it has its prolific cultivar in The World-renowned Valley of Roses – Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

Damask is best handpicked right before dawn with the dew still on the petals. Produced by a lengthy process of distillation, up to a ton hand-picked roses are needed to give just a litre of attar. The rarest essence that is as precious as the “Liquid Gold” ultimately brings forth the potent ingredient possessed by D’ora Nano Boosting Rose Essential Series.

D'ora Nano Boosting Night Cream

Nanotechnology Anti-Aging

Remove years off of your appearance! Replenish your facial lines, creases, and deep-set wrinkles with Nanopeptides. Stimulate the skin’s renewal system, collagen and elastin to complete more youthful, supple, lift and firm skin.

Skin Whitening

Three times more effective than Swine Placenta, Damask Rose Placenta Stem Cell swoops in with the ability to help prevent the formation of free radicals to reduce existing discoloration and fight dark spots due to excess production of melanin to restore youthful vitality and brightness to your skin.

Skin Smoothing

The power of three collagen multi-action targets visible pores to minimize their appearance, treat uneven skin texture by bringing healthy skin cells to the surface and retain more moisture to having your skin smooth and velvety soft touch feel.

48 hrs. Moisture Lock

Leaving your skin refreshed extensively for 48 hours with oligo hyaluronic acid, a storehouse for moisture in your skin.

Overnight Effect

Feel the ‘never feel so good’ after the first simple ritual. Reverse your visual signs of aging and experience ‘turn back the clock’ skin with daily-pampering D’ora Nano Boosting Rose Essential Series.